Gengigel is a medical device (CLASS 2 A) containing high molecular weight (HMW) Hyaluronic acid (in the form of sodium hyaluronate), obtained by a biotechnological manufacturing process, which guarantees a high level of purity. Its formulation is specifically created in order to resemble that of the hyaluronic acid found in normal gingival tissue.Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring physiological constituent of connective tissue (especially in the gingival mucosa), where it performs antiodematous and tissue repair functions. The physico-chemical and macro aggregating properties of hyaluronic acid helps to explain its antinflammatory properties.

Hyaluronic acid promotes and accelerates tissue reconstruction. It activates the migration of fibrocytes (cells contributing to tissue healing) and as a consequence healing is accelerated.

Indications: inflammatory conditions (gingivitis, gingival bleeding, gingival retractions, gingival pockets), other tissue trauma (abrasion, tooth extractions, post-surgical recovery etc.). It is also ideal as post surgery treatment, or treatment to patients that are subject to diabetes, radiation or chemotherapy treatment.

Gengigel is extremely safe presenting no contraindications or side effects and can be used without restriction by children, pregnant women and the elderly. The product is also suitable for diabetics and it does not have any known interactions so it may be safely used during specific therapies; e.g. antibiotics

Indications: Inflammatory conditions (gingivitis, gingival bleeding, gingival retraction, gingival pockets), other tissue trauma (abrasion, tooth extractions, post-surgical recovery etc.) and those disease conditions where where the gingival mucosa requires increased concentrations of Hyaluronic acid.

Directions of use: After correct oral hygiene apply Gengigel three to four times a day for 3-4 weeks, continuing until all symptoms have disappeared. Gengigel can also be used as part of your long term oral hygiene regime to maintain healthy gums and oral tissues.

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