5 “Things” children need every day

Do not think of material goods! Kids can be thrilled with the colorful figures that represent their favorite heroes, but if you are not together with them to "share" the excitement and joy they feel, then everything is halfway. In fact, our children need concrete "things" of inestimable value, but none of them is measured with money.

Children need:

To Boost their self-esteem
It is important for every person to understand how important he/she is and to "high up" himself. This internal process begins from childhood, in particular from parents, (and probably never ends). Do not hesitate to reinforce your child's self-esteem and to highlight his values ​​which should make him proud every day.

Your attention
Every word that comes out of your child’s mouth is important. Young children feel the need to share their concerns and ideas with their parents - that is, those who trust and have intimacy to speak. Encourage your child to express himself and devote him the time he needs to "unlock" himself. Stoop, put your ear closer and just listen to the child.
Our children always impress us with what they say, but they mostly help us to learn more about how they feel and how they perceive the world around them.


Your trust
It may seem less important to "keep" the secrets of a small child, but keeping a child's secret, you show your child in practice that you "count" them and teach him the value of trust - a step of great importance in the development of your relationship.
At the same time, it enhances the safety and the bond that the child feels in his family environment.


Your time
Children seek their parents constantly, but what they most need is to spend quality time with them. Do your daily shopping or cooking together or spend an hour to paint or play with them. If you can, deactivate your mobile phone for a while and stop doing anything that distracts you (eg, television).
Create unique moments that your children will remember for a lifetime!


Your hug
Hug = security, tranquility, peace. In a child's world, mom’s and dad’s hugs and kisses are vital to his development. Give them as many hugs they want, without the fear of spoiling them. Children, they want Enjoy" the "infinite" hugs, moreover, do not become spoiled because of endless love, but mainly because of the lack of limits.

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