Who we are

The privately owned, multinational organization that Dreavia is today, made its initial steps in Southeastern Europe, in 1986, as an exclusive distributor of well renowned multinational brands from the USA and Western Europe, focused on the medical technology sector.

Dreavia researches, develops, produces, and commercializes a wide array of medicinal, nutritional, cosmetic products and solutions, and distributes them either directly or through its extensive network of exclusive distribution partners in 24 counties.

Armed with a multiyear, wide experience and expertise, it has made the strategic decision to become more specialized and focus on advanced and premium technologies, products and solutions.

The foundations, the inspiration, the story, the effort, the vision, the success. All that makes Dreavia the human-centered organization of today!



All the elements of the Dreavia business have the same mission, to empower healthcare professionals and assist patients and consumers live better, fuller, healthier, and more rewarding lives.

Dreavia strives to: Empower Human Potential!


It is fundamental that Dreavia organization operates with a distinct vision, demonstrated through its day-to-day activities and operations: to Empower Human Potential, through healthcare innovation, a mindset of both business and human growth, and total inclusion.

This is a human-centric organization, a company that is founded and managed by people who do not think that expertise can suffice, but who also deeply care for patients, consumers, their employees and the wider society as a whole!

Rooted in this philosophy, the vision of the organization clearly stands out: It is to develop and provide health related products and solutions that will empower patients and consumers to live their life to its fullest potential!


Consumer healthcare

Right from mom’s belly to every stage of adulthood, we are embracing the needs of a newborn, of an adult, and the whole family…

We do believe that empowering individuals to live their life to its full potential means providing them with the necessary tools to take control of their own health and well-being!

The realization of a healthier future starts with choosing the best, scientifically backed over-the-counter healthcare products. Our sheer dedication to human health, along with extensive research and state-of-the-art technology, has taken us one step further; in the development of a highly specialized range of Consumer Healthcare products and solutions!

Derma & OTC brands

The magical times of pregnancy and infancy come with the most delicate needs...

Motivated by a deep understanding of the tender nature of babies’, as well as of pregnant women’s skin, Dreavia has developed a specialized portfolio that tends to their needs with care and knowledge.

The Dreavia Derma & OTC brands include products for basic and specialized skincare and also products that relief babies’ nasal congestion.


Dreavia is the proud owner of the Novalou, Novatopia and Nasalou brands and is relentlessly working towards optimizing their existing product assortment.

At the same time, the company is constantly striving to enrich its current portfolio with new, innovative and science-backed products and solutions, consistent with its aim to provide stellar solutions to healthcare professionals, as well as to offer a better quality of life to patients, the end-consumers and actual beneficiaries of its curated product portfolio. To that end, Dreavia has devised a long-term investment plan to bring its brands and technologies to as many markets as possible over the next years,