Are you ready for another baby?

The decision to have another baby requires deep consideration of many factors. This time you are not facing the fears you had with your first child, but sometimes you may be faced with an internal conflict, now that you know "how it is" and "what to expect".
If you're "flirting" with the idea of growing your family, it's a good idea to consider some practical issues that lie ahead and be better prepared to take the "next step":

1. How will it affect the relationship with my partner?

As you consider whether you want another baby, it's a good idea to consider the impact this will have on your marriage and your relationship with your partner. Ask yourself how your marriage has 'changed' since you had your first child and whether you are ready to support (both of you) a new reality with the joy and excitement it deserves.


2. Is my child ready for a sibling?

A new baby requires a lot of your time and attention so it affects your first child. Your child may be super excited to have a sibling, but they may also feel 'betrayed' - or both. Before you make the final decision talk with him and try to prepare him for the changes that will happen when his sibling arrives.


3. Do we have enough space?

Adding a new member to your family may require some room changes. For example, if you use the extra room in the house for an office, you may need to convert it into a children's room, or configure the existing children's room to accommodate one more person.
Also, your car should have room for one more child seat. In the case, of course, that you are heading for your 4th child, then you will have to change cars as well.
Think now about the various changes you will need to make so that you don't get stressed when you see the two pink lines on the pregnancy test.


4. Can we afford another baby?

Each new member of a family has its own expenses that add to the overall budget. You should consider the long-term costs, but also the immediate costs that arise, such as medical visits, extra care for a baby, etc.
Evaluating the family budget may seem rather pointless, however, it will help you decide whether you can "afford" another baby now or if you should wait another year and make a different, financial management.


5. Are we ready for all the extra fatigue?

The chances of sleeping less, having less time for yourself and at the same time more work, are increasing. Consider the possibility of having the help of a friend or relative who you can rely on and put "the program" into your daily life - it will help you a lot.


6. How will my career be affected?

Balancing family and career is hard to keep – you already know that. Family needs will increase when another member is added and it may no longer be possible to follow your personal career aspirations.
To avoid any disappointment, it is better to have calculated in advance how much time you will be able to devote to your work, if your schedule is flexible, and if you can work from home.


Sometimes logic is against the heart and it is important to follow our instincts every now and then. This decision may change your life forever, but in any case children are beautiful little "gifts" that complete a family!!!


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