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5 “Things” children need every day

October 6, 2023 /

Do not think of material goods! Kids can be thrilled with the colorful figures that represent their favorite heroes, but if you are not together with them to “share” the excitement and joy they feel, then everything is halfway. In fact, our children need concrete “things” of inestimable value, but none of them is measured…

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Are you ready for another baby?

September 24, 2023 /

The decision to have another baby requires deep consideration of many factors. This time you are not facing the fears you had with your first child, but sometimes you may be faced with an internal conflict, now that you know “how it is” and “what to expect”. If you’re “flirting” with the idea of growing…

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4 ways to encourage your baby’s first steps & some safety tips.

July 22, 2023 /

Babies usually take their first steps around the time they celebrate their first birthday. First, they use almost anything they can to get a firm grip and stand up, and then they take their first step. Walking is an important milestone in the life of the baby because it involves the coordination of almost all…

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