First night home with a newborn

The day has come when you will leave the maternity hospital with your newborn baby and go home. The fatigue but also the anxiety to return. Along with these, of course, there is also this anxiety of "the first time" for those women who acquire the role of a mother for the first time.

A constant worry for parents, especially on the first day, is bedtime. You will often find yourself putting your ear in to listen if your baby is breathing, if his heart is beating, and sometimes you may be tempted to wake him up to see if he is okay.

Many newborns remain relatively quiet the first night at home, as they are still reeling from the birth and all the new stimuli they receive from the environment. Still other infants feel irritable after the recent change, from the maternity area to the home area, and are restless with regular incidents of crying.


Of course, the most basic reason that makes an infant wake up is hunger. Newborns are fed several times during the day and each feeding lasts a short time, since the amount of milk their stomach can hold is small and increases as they grow. You will notice him crying, yelling, screaming or being restless trying to show you in some way that he is hungry or something is bothering him, such as the baby colic that you may be concerned about in the coming weeks.

Tip: It is important during sleep to place your little one on his back and not on his face because the correct sleeping position protects your baby from "sudden infant death syndrome".

All of the above creates an atmosphere of disturbance for both your baby and you. It is good when your little angel is sleeping that you try to rest as much as you can. Maybe the first night at home with your baby will seem endless and stressful, but what is certain is that day by day you will realize more quickly what it needs and how to help it. In any case, consult your pediatrician regarding the care and needs of your baby, because he/she is the expert who can advise you appropriately and at the same time relieve your own anxiety. The first day at home with the new member of your family in your arms will forever be in your heart and memory. Enjoy it!


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