Everyday skin care

Gentle bathtime

Delicate shampoo & bath gel

Delicate shampoo & bath gel, ideal for everyday full body and hair cleaning. The rich combination of gentle surfactants and herbal cleansing agents, leaves baby’s skin super soft and hair silky shiny and easy to comb.
With pH neutral, sulphate-free formula that respects baby’s delicate skin and eyes.

Formulated with our unique phyto-soothing ‘green’ cocktail of 7 precious organic oils, highly moisturizing and lipid-replenishing, essential to protect and maintain the skin’s natural barrier.

Bottle of 250ml and 500ml

Active formulation enriched with

NCA OMEGA OIL® 100% Organic source of Omega Acids. The harvest and collection of the seeds from were INCA OMEGA OIL® is extracted, are performed following strict methods to guarantee the best quality! These strict methodologies also applied at the storage and the cold pressure extraction to assure oil with the lowest acidity that maintains all its natural components.

Inca Οmega oil

Contains the highest concentration of omega fatty acids, up to 93%.

Forms the lipid barrier that visibly maintains skin hydration and elasticity.

Probiotics are not typically found in skin care products because the same preservatives that give products their shelf life and prevent bacterial contamination, will kill the probiotics themselves. Because of this fact, skin care products can contain prebiotics!


Prebiotics are shown to regulate the delicate balance of skin microbiota.

BioTrade refers to those activities of collection, production, transformation and commercialization of raw materials derived from native biodiversity under the criteria of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Ethically sourced ingedients

Our formulation includes ethically sourced ingredients

How to use?

Pour into your hands and gently massage onto wet skin and hair. Rinse off thoroughly. For optimal skin hydration, apply the novalou body milk all over the body. Ideal for daily use.



Formulated for normal skin


Texture: Clear foaming cleansing gel


Lightly scented with hypoallergenic fragrance

high natural profile

High natural profile



dermatologically tested

Dermatologically tested


Soap, SLS/ SLES free

paraben free

Paraben free


Gentle with eyes


Product indented for cosmetic use. External use only.
Store in a dry and cool place (<25 °C).

Fits Well with

Moisturizing & soothing daily lotion

novalou body milk

Nourishing hydro-body lotion for the optimal skin hydration, ideal for the daily care of the delicate babies’ skin.

Protective Barrier Cream

novalou nappy rash cream

Mild, protective and soothing barrier cream with a special waterproof, zinc-based composition. With light texture for easy application. Ideal for the daily care of the delicate babies' skin.

Scaly patches exfoliation oil

novalou cradle cap oil

Moisturizing and soothing cradle cap oil enriched with Chia seed oil that helps soften flaky skin on the baby’s scalp. Suitable from birth.